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The truth is in the numbers

Informed by industry and marketing benchmarks, we provide force multipliers for growing and engaging your audiences. We start with your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). What are the results that you need to achieve to be successful? How fast does that need to happen?

Accelerating sales for a B2B tech company

With aggressive revenue goals, a B2B technology company needed to both grow and accelerate its sales funnel. We defined target profiles & personas and then rapidly developed ‘bottom of the funnel’ thought leadership content.

The partnership included a new sales process understood and followed by all, market focus, and resource optimization. Parallel-pathed with the inbound and outbound acceleration campaigns, we also helped the company improve their sales and marketing technology infrastructure.

6 month impact (without paid media)

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 8.26.01 PM

Growing the audience for a health & wellness nonprofit

In order to exponentially grow and convert the audience for a health and wellness nonprofit, we defined an integrated growth initiative.

We started by evolving and optimizing their existing content and assets, and launched the first acceleration campaign within weeks. The full initiative includes multiple segmented acceleration campaigns to build their contact and follower lists, and increase engagement and interaction.

Within the quarter, we increased their social media posts and outbound email communications to be on par with M&R Benchmarks. Engagement rates across all channels far exceed those benchmarks.

We optimized the platforming & integration of their CRM, marketing automation, and social media publishing technologies. By increasing Mailchimp and Salesforce integration and automation, we improved the journey for new members, existing members, and donors. 

6 month impact (without paid media)

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