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We partner with you to develop solutions that align with your goals, support your processes, and make your life easier. Without frameworks and infrastructure, success can be as scary as failure. A plan is only as good as the ability to execute it.
  • Strategy development

    Sales & marketing alignment: Ensuring that sales and marketing teams are working together effectively to achieve common goals.

    Go-to-market strategy: Developing strategies for launching new products and services, optimizing existing offerings, or entering new markets.

    Revenue growth strategy: Identifying opportunities for revenue growth and creating plans to capture these opportunities.

  • Sales enablement

    Sales process optimization: Analyzing and improving sales processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

    Sales training and coaching: Providing training and coaching to sales teams to improve their skills and performance.

    Content creation: Developing sales materials, presentations, and collateral to support the sales process.

    Technology integration: Implementing and optimizing sales technology tools such as CRM systems, sales enablement platforms, and others.

  • Marketing Enablement

    Content marketing: Developing and executing content marketing strategies to generate leads and build brand awareness.

    Digital marketing: Managing and optimizing digital marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing.

    Lead generation: Implementing strategies and tactics to generate leads for the sales team.

    Marketing analytics: Analyzing marketing data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Buyer enablement

    Customer onboarding: Developing and optimizing processes for onboarding new customers to ensure they quickly realize value from the product or service.

    Customer education: Creating educational content and resources to help customers use the product or service effectively.

    Account management strategy: Developing strategies for managing and growing customer accounts.

  • Technology consultation & integration

    Technology assessment: Evaluating the current technology stack and recommending tools and solutions to support revenue enablement.

    Integration services: Ensuring that different technology tools are properly integrated and configured to work together seamlessly.

  • Change enablement

    Organizational change: Assisting with organizational changes required to implement new strategies or processes.

    Change communication: Developing and executing communication plans to ensure all stakeholders are informed and on board with changes.

  • Data analysis & reporting

    Revenue analytics: Analyzing revenue data to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities.

    Performance metrics and KPIs: Establishing and tracking key performance indicators to measure the success of sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives.

    Reporting and dashboards: Creating reports and dashboards to provide visibility into performance and results.

  • Resource & budget optimization

    Resource allocation: Helping clients optimize the allocation of resources (people, budget, technology) to drive revenue growth.

    Budget planning: Assisting with budget planning and management to ensure funds are allocated efficiently.

"BarnOwl has been a true partner to us— helping to identify and solve barriers to growth in the digital space.

No matter the digital area—from social media, to UX/websites design issues, to SEO, to email campaigns— the BarnOwl team helped us identify what we needed to get to the next level, and then they helped us get there."

Lisa Radzak
Executive Director | WithAll